The Penrose Triangle
penrose triangle

My good friend the late Genius Jerry Andres (RIP) got me into Illusion Art and would always tell me to build some but never had the time.

All of you that saw my April Fool's post on my Facebook of the aluminum Penrose Triangle and blew up my message and email asking for it.

Well, i have redesigned it so all of you can display it in your living room as a piece of art. I have separted each piece by painting it in automotive paint in three separted colors and then added a aluminum base for a classy display. KMD is known in the Magic Industry for making "Museum Quality Props" for famous performers world wide and now here's your chance to own a piece of Illusion art that will be a great conversational piece in your home and you don't have to be a magician! The Penrose Triangle stands 23" high and it's 12" square. Each piece is also signed.

Price is $200.00 and ships free in US. International shipping extra

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