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Lumball Machine

lumball machineLumballLogoBThe most popular prop in magic! Original prop from Ray Lum’s own touring show since 1990. Used by many of the top pros in the Magic Industry. Has been the most “Knock Offed” unlicensed prop in the magic industry. Support the ORIGINAL! Buy it direct here from Ray Lum and support the creator, NOT the Knock Off’s!


You borrow a spectator's ring, vanish it, and it reappears inside the 2nd capsule from a Gumball Machine that’s been on stage the entire time, and which you never touched!
Don’t take my word for it; just take the time to read what top pros all over the world are saying!


Color Options

Cloth Handling with Ring Box Routine

ring clothRay’s personal cloth handling with ring box routine. Used in Ray’s tour show and once sold to only professional performers like Kevin James and Charming Choi in Korea.


You show a ring box empty and you hand it to the first spectator. You ask a second spectator for her ring and say that you are going to polish it. You put the ring under the polishing cloth and ask her to hold it. You then twist the cloth towards the ring box and it disappears. Have the first spectator open up the box and what he or she finds is not the vanished ring, but a quarter. Hand the quarter out to the second spectator and now she can use that for the LumBall Machine and out comes her ring on the second capsule.

Price: $500

Fortune Card

Fortune CardAnother piece from Ray Lum’s Trade Show arsenal.


A spectator chooses a fortune cookie (free choice). He or she can hold on to it, or place it in a visible spot on the table so that it can be seen that no one will touch it.
The magician has him pick a card from a regular deck. A corner of the selected card is torn and given to the spectator. The card is then destroyed. The card magically appears inside the fortune cookie, and the torn corner matches the missing corner of the card

What you get:

• One dozen special fortune cookies
• Deck of cards and cards needed for this specific effect
• A special Chinese take-away box
• Link to a full video instructions for the effect

Pricing: $140


Ray Lum’s Ultimate Airborne Glass

ray lum ultimate airborne glassEffect:

You pick up Champagne Bottle and Glass, you begin to pour then you let go of the glass and it levitates in front of you. You then pick up the glass and toast the audience.

Bottle and glass is all handcrafted by Ray Lum and works flawlessly every time. Used by professional performers all over the world.

Price: $250

The Tommy Wonder Nest of Boxes

Tommy Wonder Nest of Boxes
The most famous piece of magic that no one was able to recreate until now! Over a year in R&D and finally a perfect product! Limited edition of 10 worldwide!

If you are a serious in purchasing a Tommy Wonder Nest of Boxes and in Las Vegas please visit the shop and i’ll personally show you the workings.

Thanks again to Jeff Hobson in all your input and putting out a great introduction video!

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